Weekly Review | Tired Of Winter & Home Update

So this post title might be a bit weird but I couldn’t name this weekly review any different as this is exactly how I feel: tired of winter & the cold! At the moment I’m just lusting over spring, fresh colors, warmer temperatures and new trends! I’m so tired of the cold days and wearing gloves, scarf and knitwear all the time. Don’t ge me wrong: of course winter has its advantages and I’m a big lover of heavy knit wear and huge coats. But after almost 4 months of the cold here in Berlin, I definitely can’t wait for spring and sitting outside in a cafŽ and enjoying the sun. So hopefully, the long lasting grey will vanish soon and we can finally enjoy spring temerpatures and lots of sun… . Do you feel the same or how is the weather like where you live?

Home- Update

So as said before, I’m tired of the old and need to get in the new. That’s why I would love to redecorate our whole apartment, buy new furniture andand and … . But by now, I know that this is sometimes just my mood and I want to see if this really lasts. This is why I’ll only change some smaller pieces, like new art prints and decoration and some pillows. Since we visited the new and gigantic H&M Home storeÊ during our last Hamburg tripÊ I’m wishing for a same store here in Berlin. They even had an own counter just for plants and flowers which was sooo nice! So for now, I’m ordering some new pieces online and maybe there’s also some inspo here for you:

Header pictures via H&M Home

Upcoming Plans

After a very relaxed weekend home with my family, I’m ready for a new and exciting week. The upcoming days are paxked with meetings, going to agencies and planning our upcoming trips. And not to forget: Valentine’s Day is around the corner! To be honest, I’m not a huge fan but it’s a good excuse to dress up and go for a fancy dinner riht? So this is exactly what we’ll do. ;)What are your plans for Valentine’s or are you not a fan at all or just having a Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends? 🙂

Have a fabulous week babes and let’s hope that spring arrives soon!?

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