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Where to stay in London | FG PROPERTIES

London is one of my favorite cities – not only in Europe but also worldwide. Since several years I’ve been visiting and also working in London. But one thing, that always overwhelmes me here is the wide variety of hotels and apartments. Since London is much bigger than my residence Berlin (8.6 Mio. versus 3.6 Mio. inhabitants), the whole London area is widely scattered as well as the choice of where to stay becomes much more complicated. On the one side, I always want to be in the heart of a city where I can go out and immediately “fall into the streets”. But on the other side, I am also aware that a city trip can be pretty exhausting. So I became a big fan of staying in FG Properties apartments, as I love to have that feeling of having a home away from home. ?


Our apartment was located in the heart of Bayswater/ Paddington, which is almost in the center of London and only short rides to Notting Hill/ Oxford Circus/ Kensington and all the other blogger and tourist hot spots. 😉 When I was working in London around two years ago, I also stayed in the area of Bayswater so that I immeditaly felt at home again. But FG Properties also offers lots of other apartments in different areas of London, if you are searching for a specific one. As we landed pretty early on saturday morning (cheap Easy Jet flights hurrayyy 😉 ), we already arrived at 9am at the offices of City Relay. City Relay handles all the services in and around the apartments, so we were really happy that we could store our luggage at the office and finally get a big breakfast after being up since 4.30 am. 🙂 Afterwards, we were luckily able to check-in early and get a bit rest at our apartment before our sightseeing could start.

I was really surprised at how bright and commodious our London apartment turned out. Because if you have been to London before – you probably know that the construction of the houses can be a bit old-fashioned and mostly – very narrow. ;-)Ê Also the decoration was definitely according to my taste and fashionable (check those pineapples and cute yellow pillows!). And another big plus point – the closet was huge with lots of storage for all the clothes and shoes that I brought for shooting. 😉 So if you are looking for a comfortable and chic accommodaton – definitely check out FG Properties and their cute London apartments. ?

In lovely cooperation with FG Properties and City Relay. All opinions remain my own.

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