White Statement Shirt, Corsage Belt & Bow Slipper


By now, you probably already noticed that I am a hugeÊlover of Basics with special details.ÊAnd this white statement shirt is no exception. Therefore, it’s already one of my all time favorites as it is perfect for the office and after-work. That’s why I could have named todays outfit also ‘Business Casual a l‡ Tina’. Why? Well, would you have guessed thatÊI am working in a more traditional surrounding? WhereÊwearing jeans is only appropriate on the so-called ‘Casual Fridays’. ? Probably not, right?! Ê;-)
To create a look which is suitable for the office but still stylish, I paired the blue jeans with a basic white shirt. But it wouldn’t be me, if I wouldn’t have picked a basic with interesting details. In this case, the statement sleeves with knotted details are an eyecatcher and of course that corsage belt… .


Already some weeks ago, I told you about the comeback of the corsage and lace-up details. So it was about time, to create a look including this cool accessory trend. By now, I’ve mainly paired the corsage belt with hoodies and sweatshirts for a more casual look. But they are also the perfect addition to blouses and shirts like today’s selection.
Another highlight in this look are for sure theÊslippers with bow / knot details.ÊMy slipper collection has grown really fast since last year, but a white versionÊhas been missing somehow.ÊThat’s why I was more than happy to find this model from ‘Edited’ in the slipper category at ‘About You’ here.

So how does a typical office look at your workplace? Do you need to follow a specific dresscode or can you just wear whatever you want?ÊÊ ?


WhiteÊStatement Shirt: Edited via About You (hier)
Bow Slipper: Edited via About You (hier)
Blazer: Stradivarius
Jeans: Zara
Corsage Belt: Zara
Straw basket: Mallorca – Souvenir

This post contains affiliate links & was edited in cooperation with ‘About You’.


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