Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #2 Edited Shirt & Yellow Shades



berlin-fashion-week-outfit-2-edited-hemd-gelbe-shades berlin-fashion-week-outfit-2-edited-hemd-gelbe-shadesberlin-fashion-week-outfit-2-edited-hemd-gelbe-shades


Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #2 EDITED SHIRT & YELLOW SHADES

Hey loves, after my little blog break since last week, I am now back with my second and last Berlin Fashion Week look.Ê Probably you already saw my Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #1 with striped blazer and gucci belt?!Ê As you can see, I already wore black skinny jeans on that day. And also this time, I couldn’t resist but stay with them again. On the one hand, the weather forecast was just too unstable for Berlin. And on the other hand, I wanted to wear heels plus that white shirt which would have been a bit overdressed (for my taste) with a skirt. Maybe you also remember that white shirt from this look, where I styled it with a corsage belt. White shirts are just an wardrobe esssential in my opinion and that morning, I decied that I wanted to wear it “freestyle”. So I let it ran off my shoulders, unbuttoned the last few rows and took it onto a knot. And even after hours of shows and events, the shirt stayed that way even without safety pins. 😉

Last but not least, I decided to wear my yellow shades, as I was trying to cheer on the sun to come out. And believe it or not – just at noon, it was soo sunny and war, that my black jeans were definitely way too hot! Gladly, I could at least switch my shoes, as I took flat mules but also these high heel versions with me. Like this, it was quite easy to survive that long fashion week days, even in heels. 🙂 And if you want to read more about the Fashion Week -Ê don’t forget to check out my review here.ÊÊ

So which Fashion Week Look is your favorite – #1 or today’s outfit #2 ? ?


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