Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #1 Striped Blazer, Gucci & Statement Shirt


Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #1 Striped Blazer, Gucci & Statement Shirt

Hey Loves, as I already told you in my Berlin Fashion Week recap here, I’ve only been to some selected events and shows at MBFW. Two of them took place on Wednesday, were I saw the Rebekka Ruetz show and we went to the Hashmag Blogger Event afterwards. As the weather was not as nice as expected, my outfit was a bit different than expected considering the fact that it should be summer 27 degrees here in Berlin. 😉

But the good thing is, that I finally got to wear my striped blazer, which has been hanging in the closet for a while now. (And actually, it is part of a two-piece including high waisted shorts. Looking forward to show you the whole ensemble soon!)
The statement shirt is one of my favorites lately and –surprisingly – was part of a goodie bag that I got from my Stilnest family. Plus, you can never go wrong with a pinch of Gucci right?! Consequently, the Gucci belt had to be one of the statement accessories that I wore. Apart from that, I chose my Snakeskin Bag and my beloved Leather Loafers.

By the way, the last #fromwhereistand picture shows the beautiful invitation to the show from Rebekka Ruetz – loved the bold colors and batik style! And of course, you can see my partner in crime – Kathi from Meetthehappygirl, who also shot my outfit pictures. ♥

Actually, looking at these pictures, I realize that the Skinny Jeans/ Loafers /Blazer combination has become one of my Go To Outfits in the past few months. (Remember this old outfitpost, where I showed you last year’s Go To Look?)

What about you – do you have something like an “uniform”, a combination that you can always wear?



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