Focus Sustainability: Scampi Swimwear

Focus Sustainability: Scampi Swimwear

The series of my sustainability posts continues and today I’ll introducte to another very fashionable and at the same time eco-friendly brand: Scampi swimwear from Sweden! The label has been already founded in 1983 and has the goal of “becoming the most sustainable, responsible and fair swimwear brand out there.”Ê

And I would say there are on a very good way to do so: the mix and match concept offers the perfect fit for each body type. Apart from that, all designs are created and manufactured in Europe under fair conditions using premium Italian recycled fabrics. Which recycled fabrics you ask? Stay tuned for a big surprise… .

Swimwear made from recovered fishing nets

Yes, you heard that one right. Scampi swimwear is constructed using up-cycled abandoned fishing nets drifting in and polluting our oceans. So those old fishing nets are given a second life by transforming them into high quality regenerated nylon fabric. I couldn’t believe at first that these fashionable and stylish swimwear is made out of old nets – so cool, isn’t it?Ê

Also, the products are climate positive meaning that by an independent assessment following the ISO 14021 standard, they do not contribute to global warming but helps our beloved planet counter rising temperatures. There is of course much more information about that – read on here.Ê

So that’s it – I hope you also got some inspiration from this post and let me know what you think?

I’m wearing: Scampi Gingham Top & Caracas panties | Scampi Rio Dark sand swimsuit


For transparency: This post is unpaid as I’m convinced that we need to support sustainable labelsÊ – only items have been provided.Ê

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