Weekly Review | Paris, Baltic Sea & What Next?

Hey Loves, after lots of Paris content and two weeks absence of my weekly review, I’m finally back with this one. Paris was definitely a dream come true! After my last trip around seven years ago (which didn’t went so well tbh), I’m now allover in love with this city! So you can for sure expect some more blog posts coming about this lovely city, also because Isa and I made a “Workation” out of it and were shooting like there’s no tomorrow. 😉

After almost 1.5 weeks being back in Berlin (and being back in the office, which felt so unreal), I was happy to pack my bags once again. This time we were lucky to gain another public holiday and I enjoyed a wellness trip with my mum at the Baltic Sea. Spending calm hours with coffee and a good book and feeling the fresh wind next to the sea is always a good idea.


…and what next?

Well, after all these exciting events and trips, I usually tend to fall into a hole and cannot help but agonize myself in melancholy. And that my whole instagram feed seems to be still in Paris, posting the coolest pictures from Paris Fashion Week doesn’t seem to help, too. Yes I know: complaining won’t help either. But lately, the how I call it “Instagram flu” got me and I’m watching in self pity while 1) everyone seems to be on holiday ( mostly in Morocco or South Africa) 2) is wearing the new& supercool Orseund Iris blouse as if it wouldn’t cost a 500$ fortune, 3) can eat whatever they want and still already have that superhot body for the next Bali trip of course 4) visit the legendary last Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel show or 5) all of the above ??!

Ok ok enough complaints but sometimes we need to speak our minds right?! And what I just want to tell you is that no one is perfect and everyone is struggling with something. I think everyone deals with self-doubt and I never met someone, who didn’t know that feeling, did you? So even the supercool, hyped instagram girl/ boy has the feeling that it’s never enough, that they need to strive for more and should be better in this or that. That’s when it’s best to keep it real, take some time out and think about what is really important and that we shouldn’t be so hard with ourselves. Think about the health and love that you and your loved ones have. And also think about your strengths and what you already achieved. As said, for me a weekend at the Baltic sea (so basically near my family) always helps wonders and gets me back on track.


Posts of the week

Serving you an overview of all the posts (that you might have missed) in the last two weeks since Paris, let’s have a look at them:


Shopping Favorites

Still addicted to neutrals but also in search of fresh colors. I’m loving the strap sandals trend but also those perfect leather pieces like tailored shirts and bermudas. And who isn’t afraid to try that leopard bucket hat? 😉

Upcoming Plans

The upcoming week will be abit more relaxed and I can’t wait to get some stuff done that’s still on my to do list like tax declaration, organizing my office and so on… . So yes: really exciting right?! 😉 But the Berlin blogger babes and I also going to the Timberland dinner on thursday, which I’m totally looking forward to.

Have a lovely week Babes!Ê ?


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