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Coming back from Thailand, we directly went into December and the full dose of Christmas! What a way to arrive I must say, but after some days I can definitely say that IÕM ready for the whole package of Xmas now. 😉 Baking cookies, making some egg nogg and visiting Christmas markets definitely set my mood for the upcoming days and weeks. Even though I must say: Time is running incredibly fast, right?! And for the weekend my family visited us, so we got even more an excuse to already put up our Christmas tree and have some mulled wine. What a week!


In the past few days, lots of post from our Thailand trip went online. In case you missed some or need an overview, here we go:ÊÊ


Already before our Thailand trip in November, I showed you my latest purchase from Gucci: these tights with the GG logo. I know, tights might seem an interesting purchase from Gucci but I just couldnÕt resist at it is such a stunning eyecatcher in autumn and winter. And so far, I didnÕt regret my purchase as the quality seems pretty good. 🙂 So what do you think about special tights Ð Go or No-Go?

Update: Find a new outfit with the Gucci tights now here and check out this Gucci tights look with the little black dress in Paris.




style-appetite-gucci-tights-blazer-kleid-GG-strumpfhoseÊ style-appetite-gucci-tights-blazer-kleid-GG-strumpfhose


style-appetite-gucci-tights-blazer-kleid-GG-strumpfhoseÊÊ style-appetite-gucci-tights-blazer-kleid-GG-strumpfhose

Shop the Look

Blazer: H&M (old) | Tights: Gucci | Baker Boy Hat: Pull & Bear | Boots: Asos

As the Gucci Patterned tights appear to be sold out quick, here are more options for shopping them:


Die kommende Woche ist vollgestopft mit Terminen, aber grae§enteils angenehmer Art (bis auf den Zahnarzt *ouch). Friseur hier, etwas Weihnachtsmarkt mit den Maedels dort und die Weihnachtsfeier der Abteilung nicht zu vergessen. Aber am meisten freue ich mich auf Freitag: dann geht es mal wieder nach Wolfsburg und wir entdecken dort das Winter Wonderland! Ich freue mich schon seeehr auf Schlittschuh Fahren und ein entspanntes Wochenende zu zweit im Ritz Carlton Ð also bleibt dran in meinen Instagram Stories. ?


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